Is Freedom of Speech Online Dying?

To give you a short answer Yes, Freedom of Speech Online is becoming a thing of the past due to the influx of Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s), Radical Feminists and anybody trying to push political correctness over basic human rights. In this article I will give examples that show Freedom of Speech Online is dying.

Greg Elliott charged faces six months in jail for disagreeing with Feminist on Twitter 

In 2012 Greg Elliott was charged with criminally harassing two Feminists and lost his Job because he had some criticisms about them. All Greg Elliott did was disagree with them online and that warranted his arrest and him losing his job.

Google’s Chairman Wants to Censor The Internet for Hate Speech

Eric Schmidt said “We should build tools to help de-escalate tensions on social media—sort of like spell-checkers, but for hate and harassment.” The thing about Hate Speech is it’s the exact same thing as Freedom of Speech it is the ability to voice your opinion whether or not it is nice or hateful is irrelevant and people should be able to voice whatever their opinion is.

Milo Yiannopoulos Unverified on Twitter

Milo is an out spoken right-wing writer who often gets into controversy for criticizing the Black Live Movement, SJW’s, Feminist and the left. In 2016 Twitter Staff removed the “blue tick” from his account claiming he had violated Terms of service but never specified which one. In the picture below you can see a Twitter Engine agree to “report” Milo after he offended someone. Michal

In Closing we very well are headed towards the days where the only place you can voice unpopular opinions is on sites like 4chan where it is no holds barred.

Is Freedom of Speech Online Dying?